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Let me kick off with a question. I made my first pie of 10 stocks: ABBV, AMZN, BLK, BMY, CRM, IBM, KO, MDLZ, NVDA, T. Being a scrooge at this experimental stage I invested just £10 with equal weights, so £1 per stock. That worked!

I now own princely sum of 0.000506 AMZN. So this begs the question, how is this possible, since in fractional shares AMZN has minimum order size of 0.001?

Several minutes later, my pie is still showing as worth £10.00 Is this because there is some minimum resolution to which values are calculated? Are they calculated in real time the same as with normal investments? Would I really be able to sell my pie for £10 right now? All 10 stocks are showing white (no change), not red or green like my ordinary investments.

I did this in an ISA account because I am worried about the difficulty of keeping track of capital gains tax liability in an invest account. I see that by using the investments tab I can explore the history of each purchase, i.e for IBM I had this

However, if one is to be able to keep track of these details it really would be helpful if it were possible to access csv data of trade data, ready for me to paste into a spreadsheet.