Could Nvidia be the new bitcoin?

Hey guys I really believe we’ve seen this all before when NVIDIA sky rocketed yesterday to new highs. Could it be that we are seeing another form of bitcoin like hype coming to our markets?

Could we see the rise of AI related companies posing as potential investment opportunities?

Want to get anyones thoughts on what investment opportunities look like in terms of AI.

Check out a video I made for my outlook and patterns I think I have seen in the industry also:

NVIDIA and AI are nothing like bitcoin and comparison of them does not understand the situation and potential. Yes there will be some companies that will be hyped but that happens in mining, pharma… Any comparison of AI to bitcoin is fundamentally flawed. AI will generate massive revenues with good margins and will be pervasive in many many industries and businesses.

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That is a good point. Another thing I’d like to get your view or anyone else’s is that: do you think the use and accuracy of AI will plateau at some point soon in the future? They say it keeps getting better but what if it’s already at the peak of it’s power? Don’t know if you get what I am saying?

I think we’ll see AGI at some point, though not as soon as people predict.

LLM (large language model) can’t solve AGI alone, and thats where most of the recent advancement has come from.

Even if AGI is a while off, i think there is plenty of potencial for ai at its current level to transform companies.

I have noticed that youtube and twitter are now full of annoying “look at all these thousands of teenagers making xxx per month using ai” videos.

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LLM is unlikely to ever become AGI but will improve and develop. LLM based AI will become better and will become pervasive in many many areas so even without AGI there will be massive revenue/profits generated from AI. The main issue is that AI (even just LLM based AI) is massively disruptive and politicians will not want the disruption it causes (eg mass unemployment) so there is huge uncertainty about how all of this will develop and unfold but the basic fact remains that there will be $billions additional revenue going to a fairly small group of companies and LLM require massive processing power so the semiconductor industry will ride along on the AI wave but its still fundamentally nothing like bitcoin

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You’d have to have balls of steel to invest in NVDA at these prices. I don’t have the testicular fortitude.

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Apologies but I am just an analyst who recognises patterns in history as well. This fear of disruption was a major issue with bitcoin as well. Politicians did not want it to rival the dollar apparently. If you watched my video, I mentioned AI and crypto share a similarity and that is decentralisation. Anyone know any good AI companies that could rival NVIDIA? That’s probably gonna be my 5 year play


if you think about it, people said that when bitcoin was at $5000 dollars. You never know if this might be another crazy ride.

I didn’t get very far into the video because you don’t really seem to understand AI or what’s happening and in my opinion comparisons or analogies to bitcoin are complete flawed. Also NVIDIA isn’t an AI company or provides the processing for the AI to run on.

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I also fail to see how crypto is in anyway similar to ai.

Also crypto being decentralised is a joke, for many reasons, and governments can regulate it at anytime.

Finally to me it seems like crypto / blockchain is technology trying to find a purpose, ai does not have that problem, quite the opposite infact.