Couple of Fractionals - Pretty Please!

Morning 212 - hope you’re all well.

Could I request some fractionals please - I’m a stickler for making sure everything is organised into pies and I’ve just got a few left that I can’t shift!

BOAC - Bluescape Opportunities Acq
DMTK - Dermtech
OM - Outset Medical
PSNL - Personalis
SI - Silvergate Capital
SAII - Software Acq Group
TINV - Tiga Acq

Thanks - appreciate ya.

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@Donald_Duck :white_check_mark:


Any chance we can get all those HanETF’s Fractional? cheers @David

You are my hero :heart:

Prosus NV pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. been waiting for it for too long :sob:

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