Crude oil - different prices

Hi guys, correct me if I am wrong

I’ve entered a position at price 40.76, you are showing current price at 40.698, I am making a loss. Current price < order price

I marked the same prices on a screenshot from investing. Current price > order price

What is happening here?

Thank you

Are you not just talking about the spread I can’t really see those screenshots.

Say if I go long and buy now (purple line) I need the bid (blue line) to go above that ask I paid before I’m in the green.

The app only shows the sell price, but you can switch on desktop if you are going short to show the buy price.

Thank you for your reply

The thing I don’t understand is why the highest wick in is at 41.15 and on trading 212 it’s 40.881

both are denominated in USD, right?

Different brokers have different ways for pricing CFD, some will have tighter spreads and may charge a fee, other (like T212) don’t charge a fee but may have a wider spread. That means the prices can be slightly different.

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Just like @Alien said that’s the specific spread that T212 are offering. You won’t see it outside of T212.