Crude oil price

This in response to my earlier reply on the fraud thread as I was unable to reply.

No way that is a disgusting response. Your platform deliberately dropped 3 dollars in price to clean out the buyers. Look at me open position screenshot. I bought back at lower than the current price and it’s not even showing me profit for that amount

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I will complain to the FCA immediately should this not be resolved now. Its disgusting. You can’t just drop 3 dollars on your spread that’s against the law. Your live positions not even showing the correct profit. Look at buy price and current price and tell me I’m not being scammed or there is an issue with your platform

Bought 164 barrels that were closed out fraudulently and should still be open in a profit and another 97 barrels live in open trading bought at around 20 dollars and now price is close to 24 and it’s not giving me profit?

No one is responding, this is daylight robbery. I have detailed screenshots of everything. Please look in to my account immediately and respond

I had the same issue, please send me an email at in case we need to join forces for legal action.

Current live positions. Look at the real price and look at price I bought at. Profit amount is seriously not right

Is this not the currency difference? I’m a newbie though I may be wrong.

I think it is Futures rollover the future automatically rolled over from 20Mar20 to 21Apr20 which had a price difference. The price difference was made up in the profits but it is not made clear in the position name.

@mpenkar1 We do not control Oil futures prices in any way. Every single broker gets its Oil prices from the exact same source - CME Group. Why? Because they’re the only ones.
Please, take a look at the first contract on CME’s page, the last price is $19.84:

As for the current profit amount not being correct, please, check my last response regarding what a futures rollover is:

You can see the adjustment amount yourself on the mobile app.

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Following on from my previous thread and responses from other traders and trading212 regarding rollovers.

The responses are unsatisfactory. Option prices don’t get applied to RT derived CFD prices.

There is no clear indication or prior warning to this happening as indicated by a few traders and is an unfair financial practice. Mt4 prices never did that on all major brokers.

If this is not resolved with immediate effect then this will be actioned.

As a client of Trading 212, you have the right to escalate your inquiry following the procedure here. In fact, our team will also explain the matter (should you have sent us an email about it), providing you with facts relevant to your account and positions.

I’m not quite sure what’s the idea behind your post, to be honest. It is not like we’re trying to hide something - obviously, we’re replying to every single inquiry, trying to provide as much details as possible.

Nonetheless, we’re not here to judge - it is your decision after all. We’re transparent, and my colleague already explained the case. Moreover, you can telephone the FCA consumer helpline (on 0800 111 6768), to check our registration (reg. number: 609146) should you hesitate whether we are legit or not.

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