Lost money Due to wrong price

So, I was trading in WireCard and it was trading at 1,40. But trading 212 kept showing 1,36 and even went lower. So i’m still in the red when i should not be

I doubt it was the wrong price. There is a buy and a sell price. This difference is called spread. Check what you bought at and what the current sell price is.

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If you click on WDI and go to history you should see the order and the exact time of buying and selling.

:thinking: Are you saying you saw 1.40 outside of T212 whilst T212 was showing 1.36?

Might be worth noting that most sites and news sites etc operate on a 15 minute price delay so if you saw it outside the trading app you may have been seeing an old price

Hello @naikie,

As the gentlemen above stated, it depends on the source that you are comparing the prices with as well as the direction of your trade.

External sources usually show mid-price, whereas your positions depend on the Bid/Ask prices, which are differentiated by the spread between them.