Custom Fund Distribution using AutoInvest

Having read all the “Pies & AutoInvest” material in the Help Centre, I still can’t find the answer to my question, and couldn’t find a similar topic in the Forum either…

I would like to know if there is a possibility to use the AutoInvest feature to distribute funds according to a custom distribution, and NOT by “target” weights as seems to be the default option for AutoInvest.

For example, if I have 4 holdings in my pie, can I choose to split my regular AutoInvest contribution to 25% to each holding, regardless of the current weight each one represents in my pie?

This would be beneficial in order to not limit the ones doing well (“let your winners run…”) and prop up the losers.

Thanks in advance

Why not just change all your target weights to 25% each? Then the autoinvests will be done that way. You can make a note somewhere of the other weights you were using.

1st of all, no it won’t… If I have 4 holdings in a pie currently worth thousands of £, with current weights 10/10/30/50, and I manually change the target weights to 25% for each one before proceeding with AutoInvest, and add say £100, then it will put most (all?) of that new money into the 2 holdings currently at 10% weighting. What I want in this example is for the new money to be split equally among the 4 holdings.
2nd of all, even if what you described actually worked, it defeats the whole purpose of AutoInvest. I want to add money to my pies every week, I don’t want to adjust the target weights every time… I would just do a manual contribution in that case… But that’s the point of AutoInvest, I want to avoid having to do a manual top-up to my pie every single week…

Thanks anyway.

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If you manually set the weights to 25% and make a £100 autoinvestment it will follow those targets and put £25 in each slice. Isn’t that what you want?

Absolutely agree. Like that I can use the Pie function. As it is for me doesn’t work as I don’t want penalise the stocks that are performing well.

I don’t think so…
As I understand it, if I set the target weights to 25% each, then in my example it will deposit the AutoInvest money in the 2 holdings currently sitting at 10% weight, and none in the one currently at 50%, which is not what I want.

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Using the default “target weights” feature of AutoInvest, then any stock that does well and grows beyond it’s initial target weight would never get any new funding…
That’s a surefire way to cap the gains of your winners and prop up losers…

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I think you understand wrongly. Autoinvest distributes new money according to the target percentages. You are thinking that it distributes in such a way as to rebalance. It does not. Try to find the original post about autoinvest and read there. Here, is something I found to help you.

Hi @GMNN :wave:

I assume that what you refer to as the Target weights of the slices are in fact the actual weights. The actual weights can change constantly according to the fluctuations of the instruments in the Pie. For further reference:

As @Richard.W has pointed, the AutoInvest funds will be allocated in the Pie according to the Target percentages. The Target percentages are fixed and can be changed only by you in the Holdings section of the Pie. So if you have 4 stocks in the Pie with Target weights of 4x25%, a deposit of 100 GBP will contribute 25 GBP to each slice, regardless if their actual weights are for example 10/10/30/50.

The actual weight can be aligned with the target weights by using Rebalancing. Feel free to check out this discussion about the topic :v:


OK thanks for the clarification. It does seem like I had misunderstood the AutoInvest funding, as I thought that it would automatically do some rebalancing to bring your actual weights closer to your target weights.
Thanks for the help!

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