New pie rebalancing question please

I would like to create a new pie with 5 shares I currently own, and set up future monthly investments of 30% to the first 3 shares and 5% into the remaining 2.
As it stands currently however the percentages of the shares are far from that .

My question please is can the pie be created so only future investments in it use the investment percentage ratios i require?
A nightmare for me would be if the pie had to rebalance because as it stands all 5 shares are well down on the prices at which I bought them, so rebalancing would create a big loss if any needed to be sold to do the rebalancing

Many thanks

Let me see if I get this right :thinking:

You’re suggesting a feature that allows you to rebalance only slices of your choice? e.g. you have XYZ slices but prefer to use the rebalance function only for the X and Y slices and leave slice Z without Buying/Selling any shares of it

Hi @Hampshire101 ,
As far as I know,

You can create your pie with the 5 shares you own, then you can set up the auto invest with % you want. In your case, if you invest 100£, will go 30 for the first 3 shares and 5 for the last 2.

Hi @Bogi.H
No not as such.
I currently own shares A, B, C, D and E all with differing amounts invested.
I would like them put in a pie so any ‘future’ investments will be shared out to them in my preferred % ratios.
If i was to change them all now to those % ratios I would lose a lot of money during rebalancing as they are all currently well down on the price i paid for them.
If this cant be done then I will continue to invest manually, its just that the pie option would save a lot of time and hassle each month for me

Setting up the target % will not change the current allocation, but will define how future payments made to the pie are allocated (via deposit or dividends).

Only manually pressing the “Rebalance” button, and confirming the list of transactions offered will initiate buys and sell to get back to target.

If you don’t Rebalance, you get the effect you are looking for (% target) without triggering any transaction.

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Thankyou @Zergui appreciate the reply from you :slight_smile:

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On point :point_down:

Otherwise, @Hampshire101, I’ll pass on the feedback for having a Custom AutoInvest/Self-balancing option and let you know if such a feature is in the works.


as far as i know you cant put existing stocks into a pie … so you can set your strategy into a new pie and keep your existing stock as is in your portfolio

You can Ollie. Have a search of the help section

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