Customization of Phone App Detail Summaries


I would like to be able to change some of the key value pairs displayed on the quick view to my own preferences when looking at Key Ratios, Financials Summary and Balance Sheet.

At the moment its a pain going through loads of stocks hand having to click into each separate detailed section to view what matters to me.

For example I want to replace P/E Ratio and Dividend Yield with the Dividend Per Share readouts and display Book Value form Per Share Data.

Also interested in % output for Debt to Tangible Assets besides Debt To Assets

Extremely interested in adding a Book to Market Value & Tangible Book to Market Value percentage calculation to quickly glance at the how much more the Current Market Ask Price is above the Book Valuations as this gives a good indication of the level of Market retraction risk when investing in a stock should current majority of investors pull out of that causing the market value to fall, I use it to give me an estimate of potential loss against the actual valuation.



Great idea, a customisable summary could be a great addition. They’re very busy though so would be a long time to implement! But nice suggestion

I’m also interested in this.

Need to change some of the “key ratios” on company quick info right under “Company details” on mobile and if possible alter the tabs position in “All ratios” view.