Company fundamentals

I am very thrilled to share with you that as I type we’re rolling out a major update which will add a ton of info for each stock!

Many of you have asked and suggested we add some additional company fundamentals to our instrument page. And now we deliver!

Let me quickly explain with some screenshots what to expect after you update your app:

1. Company overview

We start with a short business description followed by general overview fields like who is the CEO, the sector and the industry where the company operates, etc.

2. Ratios

Starts with the most popular ratios:

Tap on All ratios to see a lot more:

3. Next, you have the financial summary which gets updated periodically:

4. Income statement
Starting with a Revenue vs. Net income bar chart allowing you to easily evaluate how the company performs. (HINT: For more pecision, tap and hold to activate a selector)

Tap on the ‘Full income statement button’ to see the whole picture:

5. Balance sheet
As usual, you have an overview of the key metrics on the top:

And then, using the button below, you can access the ‘Full balance sheet’ screen:

6. Cash flow

You know the drill. You have the big picture - the three key cash flow streams:

But you can also drill down deep into the specifics:

We are eager to get your feedback!

P.S. This is not the end of our effort in the area, though. Next thing we will improve drastically is our calendar content such as dividend payout events, earnings, IPOs, stock splits, etc.


This must have been a monumental task in the making to get everything sorted and set-up. thanks for all the effort, I know it’ll be greatly appreciated by everyone who looks at company valuations to make their investment decisions.


Sounds great. However, I updated my app to Version just now, but don’t see anything like this appearing. Where do I need to look?

@Richard.W If you are using an Android device, please allow us some time. The update should come tomorrow.


OK. Yes, I am using Android. Will the information also be appearing on the desktop platform?

Yes, in the following months. It is coming along with the major UI overhaul that we are currently developing.


Very impressive. I’m bullish with T212 :joy:


This is great :+1:t2: . It would be even better if we could compare ratios and the other fundamentals to the peers (for example the PE ratio is important to know, but it has to be compared to the industry)

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Wow, this is some great news, good job!


Very impressive!

T212 is leading the pack when comes to new generation brokers

This is by far the best out there! I have used IG, HL, Revolut and etoro and none of them come even close! This is fantastic and I can’t wait to test the features out tomorrow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I agree. I have used AJ Bell, Interactive Investor, Degiro, Hargreaves Lansdown, Merrill Lynch. I have also examined, but not made investments with, IG and Revolut. I have yet to discover if there is any “catch” with Trading 212. For my own due diligence, I have examined the Company Accounts filed on Companies House for the year to December 2018. I recommend these to those who are interested. I noted that part of the company’s strategy is stated as being “more generous to its customers than its peers”.


@George Let us know when company fundamentals are live on Android!


I am not seeing fundamentals for each company. Are they gradually rolled out for every company?

I’m seeing it and I have iPhone 11

@chantal can you give us an example of a missing company, so we can investigate?

@George, two REITs for example:

Dynex Capital - DX
Main Street Capital - MAIN

Also FuelCell Energy - FCEL

@chantal Thanks for reporting that! We found a small issue and fixed it. It shouldn’t happen again.


Great. Thanks for the feedback.

That’s awesome!!! Great features.