Danaher spin-off

Will holders of Danaher stock receive the spin-off 1 Veralto per every 3 Danaher stock owned by cut off date 13 September or will cash be paid out instead?

First trading day for Veralto will be on 2 October.

Link: Danaher Declares pro Rata Dividend of Veralto Common Stock and Announces Expected "When-issued" Trading of Veralto Common Stock - Aug 25, 2023


Hello, @huffelman - apologies for the rather late reply :pray:

We are aware of the event, and we’re awaiting additional information on how it will be handled. Of course, once everything is finalised, we’ll execute it accordingly and notify all shareholders.

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To follow up, which option did you choose in the end?


Hey, @huffelman :wave:

We expect to distribute shares when it comes to Danaher’s spin-off event. The distribution ratio is confirmed to be 1 share of Veralto for every 3 shares of Danaher held on the ex-dividend date.

You can expect to receive an in-app confirmation as soon as we execute the event and allocate the shares to shareholders’ accounts.

Thank you for the swift response!

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Hi there, thanks for following up, but hasn’t this spin off event taken place already? The shares in the Veralto spin off aren’t showing in my account. Thanks

Welcome to the Community, @Colertron :wave:

We are yet to distribute the shares as we await to receive them from our intermediary. Once that happens, we will allocate them right away to all eligible shareholders :raised_hands: