Date/Time to Sell Fractional shares of TSLA or AAPL


Please advise when the last day/time customers can sell either TSLA or AAPL fractional shares via CFD, Invest or ISA?

Please provide an answer as i’d like to personally sell (as i’m sure others will), and not have T212 sell on my behalf so i can retain as much value as possible.

Thank you :slight_smile:


The way the stock split works is explained on Apple investors page.

“Apple - FAQ”

Essentially, you need to sell before close of business on Friday 28 August. The 3 new additional shares will be distributed after close of business and start to trade on Monday 31 August.

It would be logical that CFD will work similarly.

Tesla has a similar page.

“Tesla Announces a Five-for-One Stock Split | Tesla, Inc.”


Thank you Richard, i thought it may need to be sold by 21st Aug so an additional week for TSLA to run is fabulous ;).

Unless I’m reading it wrong, the record date for Tesla is the 21st so you’d need to be square by then (emphasis mine).

Each stockholder of record on August 21, 2020 will receive a dividend of four additional shares of common stock for each then-held share, to be distributed after close of trading on August 28, 2020

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Thank you Ben, i’m holding them in CFD, and also have a .5 fraction. i was going to wait for T212 to execute, then thought i’d lose more value as many other brokers will be selling the fractions too.

I read both APPL and TSLA post via the forum and online, so understand when to purchase to receive split shares… ie: TSLA, those holding full shares on 21st Aug will receive 4 additional shares on 28th Aug, with new TSLA share price trading 28th Aug.

Just not clear of the valid execution date/time to sell fractional shares before T212 take responsibility, as i’m holding via CFD i have the ability to trade extended hours, and haven’t seen an answer to CFD’s in the forum.

hopefully @staff will reply to clarify

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I’m certainly no expert, that was just how I read it and was based on the same principle as how dividend payouts work, just this is a split instead of a dividend payment.

My approach is to round up my current fractions so they are just over a whole number, so I get the split of the whole shares and only the leftover fraction is automatically sold, all by the day before the record date just to be safe of any weird date calculations (honestly I never know if it’s the start of trading or the end of tradng on the record date).

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I have some Apple shares, partly brought directly and partly in a pie, how will the split work in this case?

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Is it confirmed that just the fractional portion will be sold? E.g if you have 1.1 shares the 0.1 will be sold leaving 1 share for the stock split. I wouldn’t want my entire 1.1 stock holding to be sold.

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@Alien i believe there is a Pie post within the community relating to splits?.. In future i hope staff create post regarding splits, delistings, etc as it would save them a lot of time, likewise customers having to scroll through post in the hope to get answers.

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There is a search facility in the forum. I found this link in 5 seconds using search terms: Apple split. It includes contributions from Trading 212 staff. Yes, if you have 1.1, only the 0.1 will be sold. You will get 3 additional shares to the 1 that remains.


Thank you @Hectares.
I’ve already searched the forum but I couldn’t find a definite answer for my particular question (unless it is there and I can’t see it).
Anyway, I am selling the part in the pie and buying again directly, just to be on the safe side.

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