Target Client - explanation

Hello everyone!
Can anyone explain the Target Client rules for Invest account?
I have read in terms and conditions that Trading212 offers 0 commissions for Target Clients, and then they define who is considered as Target Client: as the one who place no more than 100 orders in a month with an aggregate amount of 100,000 GBP, USD or EUR as well as the one who place buy and sell order for the same instrument on the same day for 2 consecutive days.
The first part about 100 orders a month is a bit confusing. Does it means that if you place more than 100 orders a month Trading212 will block your account? And how the amount of 100,000 GBP is calculated for this criteria?
Thank you.

@Dumitru_C That’s an outdated section that’ll be removed from the agreement very soon. You can just ignore it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you David for prompt response.
And I am very glad to hear that, as it gives a lot more possibilities on your platform.
All the best!!! :+1: