Day Trading using Trading 212 'Invest' Account INSTEAD of 'CFD' Account?

Hi everyone!

This is my first post. I’m a complete newbie to this trading platform, and trading and investing in general.

My questions are:
Is it possible (and legal) to buy and sell multiple shares in different companies (and the same company) in one day using the Trading 212 ‘Invest’ Account as opposed to the CFD account?

As I am new, I have only been trading with around £10 each trade making a few pence each time. But I was wondering if this is allowed? And whether or not it is legal and conforms to UK regulations?

Are there any regulations a beginner should know about? Such as UK trading limits? How it differs to US companies? And how taxation works?

Thanks for your help.

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You can make as many trades per day as you like on an ‘Invest’ account, there is no such restriction in that sense. In terms of trading, I don’t think there is anything that is illegal other than insider trading and/or not paying your taxes on your income (if you surpass your personal allowance amounts).

Dividend Income TAX

Currently you have a dividend income allowance of £2000.

Meaning if you surpass £2000 in dividend income in this tax year you will have to pay tax.

As outlined Here

Capital Gains TAX

You have. a capital gains tax allowance of £12000.

Capital gain is the profit you receive from the sale of an asset, in this case a share.

Details on this are outlined Here

You can avoid both these taxes by investing from within an ISA, for example what Trading212 provides

However, seeing as you are not making extremely large investments, you should be able to invest from the invest account without any worry about taxes (as long as you are within your personal allowances)