Day trading software

Hi team,

I’m fairly new to trading, typically I’m a swing trader if anything but I want to learn more about day trading. I have a few questions for you guys and hoping you can give me some honest feedback. When I research online most day traders use some more advance software like MT4 that allows fast trade execution, and most day traders trade US stocks. Here’s a few questions:

1- is trading 212 good for day trading?

2-does trading 212 connect to any other trading software to allow faster execution of trades? If so what and how does it work? I find 212s a bit slow.

3- is LSE day trading doable?

I think 212 is one of the best investment brokers out there but I want to make sure it works for day trading in UK.


You could try it and find out?

No, its not suitable. TWS by IBKR has lightning quick execution speed, however.