Day Trading Sectors

Hello you very pleasant and intelligent individuals i do hope you are doing well.

I am wanting to try get into day trading and start doing a few test trades in this area. Can i please kindly ask what stock sector is the best for day trading, for instance some people say Forex is the best? Lastly how do you find a suitable entry price please, what do you look for in the charts that signals a buy please?

If anyone kindly could help me with my learning i would be forever grateful and thankful. Thank you so much for your time and support. I do hope you have a pleasant day and keep smiling.

Hi - I would recommend the test account, but limit the size of your trades to what you would place in real life to try and mimic that.

You’ll need to consider spread and daily volatility with day trading, stop losses, and market opening times. Liquidity comes into play as well.

Personally 212 is not great for all markets to day trade, due to only having on exchange execution only, so you want highly liquid stocks so that your are not impacted by potentially slow trade execution times.

For reference - I’m a long term investor so the timings don’t concern me as much but above is what I would consider when choosing markets / stocks to day trade.