Favorite daytrading platform? (Stocks and/or Crypto)

Are any of the brokers on TradingView really good? Which brokers do you use & recommend? Thank you.

My favourite online broker is Trading212. Which seems to be the forum that you are posting this in.


Is “favourite” to be read “only looked at” or have you looked into others and think this is the best?
For stocks, I love it. I’ve not looked around at all to be honest, but I’m quite happy.
For trading, it seems a little suspicious, and I’d like to look at some options.

You just use T212 to invest, not trade, correct?
Thank you.

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I’ve had a 212 invest account for about 9 months and an ISA for a week. I’ve also recently opened a Degiro account but am yet to actually use it to buy anything. In my opinion the UI on T212 is far superior. That being said you can short shares and also have access to limited options and futures with Degiro.

I’d be interested to know of anyone’s experiences using Schwab or tastyworks.


I live in UK and trade exclusively US markets.

I use 212 ISA. It is good for fractional shares and is ideal for the equal weighted strategy I use for the ISA. Not so good now with FX charges.

I use TastyWorks for stocks, options and ETFs. Good platform and low costs. Reporting system average but better than 212. Only place I can trade US ETFs. USD account so no FX fees.

I use Interactive Brokers for stocks, options and futures. Better platform than TastyWorks. Cheaper options and futures fees, but TastyWorks is cheaper for stocks. FX costs are effectively the spread so almost nothing. Has multi currency account so no messing about converting all the time. Easy to transfer cash and positions between IB and TW. Best reporting system.

Best charting and backtesting using Ninjatrader hooked up to IB for trading stocks and futures.


I have to say Schwab is sooo tempting. Problem is — aside from having to have 20K to open an acc. with them — you can only invest in US stocks, so that really limits it for me. This is one of the advantages on being on T212 <3

Yeah, overall I’m really happy with T212.

I need to get a better understanding of the CFD side.
It confuses me.

For example:
I buy GBP/USD.
Buy price skyrockets, sell price goes the same amount but downward.
That confuses me, I really don’t understand that xD
I would’ve thought sell price will — somewhat — closely follow the buy price.

Someone has mentioned before on this forum that they don’t necessarily enforce the minimum amount…might be worth checking. The trouble is that I’m approaching providers in the same way as @IanC55 mentions above. Schwab would be for options and I’d probably want to have that sort of money before getting too involved in those.
T212 does a good job of an all-round account + ISA. Their choice of stock and willingness to add others when requested is pretty good.

For crypto I’m afraid I don’t have much to do with it. Someone has recommended bittrex to me before though

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Bittrex has a lot of cryptos, whatever you need really but doesn’t accept fiat currencies. You can only buy or sell cryptos with other cryptos.

I would recommend Bitstamp.net which is in the UK as well. It has the most known cryptos. It is pretty good and has any feature you will need.

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Thank you very much, I’ll definitely look into it after work! <3

I’d be interested to find out a good daytrading platform, if anybody knows.
Thank you!

For day trading I have been using TradingView + Oanda for Forex and CFDs and they work wonderful together. The execution from a TradingView chart is instantly placed on the Oanda server so I rarely open Oanda when I am at my computer.

On mobile I just use the TradingView app and then switch to the fxTrade (Oanda app) to place the trade.

I have understood from the TradingView forums that 2021 is going to be a big year for them as they will be adding a lot more brokers to the list.

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This might be of help


I really appreciate you taking the time to write this, thank you!

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