Debate - Jeremy Grantham's Super Bubble

Feel free to watch the interview on Jeremy Grantham’s Super Bubble. Personally i completely agree with him but there many who thinks he’s outdated - So HYS.

I couldn’t post this on the Youtuber thread as Jeremy Grantham doesn’t really qualify as a Youtuber - some might disagree tho


Bit bored of Jeremy Grantham. He calls a new bubble every couple of weeks.

He might be right, but I don’t care.

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I respect Mr. Grantham a lot, I share most of his views, not all of them. Thanks for the upload!

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It’s not every couple of weeks and he was right yet again.

Well the Russian invasion of Ukraine might just have prevented or delayed the super bubble… although i would prefer we have the bubble than a single death or home destruction of a Ukrainian

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Lol. If you say so. Next time he calls it sell up then, see how you get on.

I mean regardless of what anyone thinks of Jeremy Grantham you don’t have to be a genius to reliaze what macro market we are in.
Also Berkshire seems to agree largely with him too. Look at the cash stack they have in reserve just waiting. Warren Buffet a lot smarter than me, I know this much :wink:

His market commentary always comes out whenever there is a miner correction. I don’t think he can market time more than anyone else (i.e basically never). It does not pay to bearish on the market if you are a long term investor is the view of great investors like Peter Lynch.

For evidence:

The S&P has returned 200%+ since 2013. He is just a perma bear. He’ll go on Bloomberg when there is crash next month/year/decade and be hailed as a visionary. He also said markets were ripe for a crash in 2016 too.