Funny or Annoying? Investing Youtube Comments recommending a Financial Advisor

Every bloody video I go to about Stocks, Gold, P2P Lending I keep seeing the same group of people invade the comments, telling us how they made X much on Crypto/Day Trading thanks to Mr/Mrs X and the following comments are all “I heard of Mr.X, where can I contact them?”, then you get the same responses of how great they are and spam their WhatsApp/Gmail.

Is it me or are they just Bots wanting your information? When I first started watching different YT Investors I thought it was genuine but now I just see it as annoying as you can literally predict what the comments will be.

Got a laugh out of one though where someone else got fed up and told them to F off which one replies about don’t bother getting rich then and it went on and on, so it is good to see that they are all not bots! :laughing:

Yep they’re bots, thousands of them and they’re so annoying.

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Don’t watch stock videos on YouTube so haven’t seen but you and other people who do should just flag the comments and get these bots out.

I feel it would be a losing battle but gotta try right?

It would be harmful if some newbie got baited. People are already weary of the markets and this stuff would make it worse.

Also to answer the question, it seems funny.

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Funny as I started this threqd on your Youtube channel! (I am the Twinkle Tale user who posts sometimes on your channel).

I always wondered if the creators can flag it as well.

I might start flagging them as they are on both UK and US channels now.

Ah yes I see you all the time!
I try to flag as many as I can but it’s exhausting, especially when you’re trying to answer all the comments too!

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