Deciding between FTSE All World or a mix of MSCI ETFs

Hi all,

I invested for the first time in my life last November (regret to be so late in the game but better now than never!)

I wasn’t happy at all with my previous broker so I’ve decided to change to 212 now!

I’m currently aiming on creating a diversified portfolio of ETFs for my “Stocks” pie. My preference would be a Distributed ETF instead of ACC.

I’m between the following:

  • Vanguard FTSE All World (Already diversified and including Emerging Markets)
  • A mix of:
    MSCI Core World
    MSCI World Small Cap
    MSCI Emerging Markets

I was also thinking about moving instead to FTSE All World High Dividend… the Yield is great but I’m not super sure.

Any recommendations/thoughts?


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If you want small caps, you may be better off going the MSCI route. I think I’m right in saying small-caps are not included in VWRL.

I’d avoid VHYL as income tends to underperform in the long term.

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That sounds good,

What do you think about doing FTSE All-World + MSCI World Small Cap

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Check the spread on ETFs as well. If your looking for long term then VWRL probably trumps VWRP right now on fees.

Personally I think HMWO is better.

I’m really just looking from a GBP perspective, and from a buy/forget approach for long term / higher risk(as 100% equity) investing.

If your happy investing in EUR, then there are some vanguard lifestrategy ETFs as well.


That works. I think @Dougal1984’s shout of just going with a developed markets tracker like HMWO is a good one. I prefer an active approach to small caps and emerging markets.

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Thanks @Dougal1984 it’s beginning to make more sense to me, I’ll probably shoot for HMWO