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I have been looking into World ETFs to diversify my portfolio that tracks stocks from developed and emerging markets worldwide. I find the research is alot less, as i normally commit to around 15 hours when researching a stock or company. I kindly wondered after i have looked into the annual fees the ETF charges and comparing to competitors, would it be okay to do around 1 - 2 hours of research before buying it please? I tend to over research things and it leads me to become less productive. If anyone could kindly answer this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support.

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There are only a handful of all-world ETFs so a couple of hours’ research should be fine.

In the UK, it boils down to two options: VWRL/P or SSAC: if you exclude other ETFs which are too expensive or illiquid.

Another option would be to buy standalone ETFs for developed and emerging markets which can work out cheaper. For example, VEVE plus VFEM at a 90:10 ratio results in a weighted ongoing cost of about 0.13%.


I think there is more - and look up some all work indexes.

HMWO - HSBC MSCI All World Accumulation ETF has a 0.13% fee
VWRP - Vanguard FTSE All World Acc ETF has a 0.22% fee

Then there also the LifeStrategy ETFs I’d you want a mix of equities and bonds. I think there is 40/60/80% versions.

Then out the box, check the AIC website. There are some all world trusts like FCIT that have a decent long term track record, although trade at a discount to their underlying holdings.

The main thing is - why do you want all world - to simplify a long term drip / buy and hold strategy?

In that case find what index you want and the product to match. A few hours is fine as they are so diverse and generally simple products to track the global buying power.

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I think Ramin’s video on the topic is quite relevant:

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There are but they are either relatively expensive at about 0.40% or sub-£10m in size.

The HSBC one is an MSCI World tracker rather than an all-world/country ETF so it doesn’t include emerging markets which the opening poster mentioned.

Nothing wrong with just going with an MSCI World tracker though. I do this in my Isa with SWLD as I hold a number of active funds covering emerging markets such as PHI and FAS.


JustETF actually has a good article on it:

It kinda boils down to what index you want your ETF to follow. Then you can pick the brand, exchange, accumulating vs distributing etc.