Decimals in limit order


Is it possible to have 3 decimals in limit order? I could not set it in app. May be useful for low price stocks.

Mods, if you feel this should be a feature request, please move it. Thank you.

I think it has something to with what the exchange will except as the precision

Hello @kannaiah,

Minimum increment is dependent on the price of the instrument and the exchange being traded on. If the input of such orders is allowed trough our intermediary, your order will be accepted on our platform as well.

@PeterA Is it possible to know if each stock is already at the optimal decimal places based on IB

Or were they all set to 2 and it’s a manual check to this if 3 or 4 is allowed and update your db? It’s crazy if the API doesn’t have a way to return what precision can be used in limits.

It was NYSE:AR Antero resources

Most stocks are using the same preset if they trade on the same exchange, e.g. for US stocks if the price is above 1$ the format is X.XX.

Some instruments might have specific requirements due to their low prices, like rounding the last decimal to an even number or X.XX5/0.

You can check on specifics instruments and available formats here:

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Does it mean it should have accepted 3 decimals?

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I would say yep.

@PeterA Is there any way T212 can automate this so that it checks the list and corrects to the same maximum decimal places as allowed?

Rather than someone manual going through the ~10,000 and needing to check and put in a request for it to be updated?

@PeterA also I’ve previously requested this and it seems to have never been actioned.

Take NAK for example the data feed only has two places. Is that the crap Bloomberg feed only giving you two or are you truncating it from four?

When it comes to putting in a limit should it be to four places accepted rather than two?

The chat staff are unbelievably useless both in answering this and actioning.

@kannaiah For Antero Resources the format will be X.XX as its p > 1$

@phildawson You are correct that for NAK the format should be X.XXXX - amended now.

*Refer to the details of the instruments and Price Parameters, instead of price shown.


Instead of that manual fix, would there be a away for the T212 devs to write a script that checks what it should be and updates the database to reflect what IB say?

With regards to the data feed from Bloomberg does that provide to four places? As it didn’t end bang on 31.

FYI, FTC (Filtronic) needs looking at too. Let me enter two decimal places but rejected the orders until I cut it to one, even though the display then filled in a zero to take it to two which is really silly.

This is one of those stocks that have specific requirements - as you can see the decimal is correct but the trigger price should be rounded like in the screenshot (price parameters are shown in GBP, you can check the link above for more info)


Also, have in mind that orders are set with expiration options - if you set them until End of Day, they will be cancelled on market close.

@PeterA you might have missed my reply above but any way T212 can just write a script to check what they have set, and what IB has and update all instruments in one swoop.

I can imagine theres probably quite a few in the ~10,000 which are incorrect, and it seems crazy to need to manually check and update.

Hi @PeterA. If I’m reading your reply correctly then 7.75 was rejected because it wasn’t 7.76 or 7.74? Where can you view these requirements in the web UI?
Can you update rejection messages to tell users some of this information please? Would save on forum and support questions.

You can see it in the details section of the instrument in the link I sent above from IB.

Currently, we do not support such info on the platform, we will consider it if practicable.