Limit sell order keeps getting rejected?

Anyone know why a sell limit order keeps getting rejected?



@Bavp30 Could you private message me your trading account’s email address, please?

@Bavp30 It’s because you were trying to set too big of a precision - 4 digits after the decimal point. We’ve reduced it to 2.

why do you do that? especially, since you allow entering 4 digits after the decimal point

cheers David makes sense but when u attempt to sell it already has 4 and moving up and down keeps them maybe its better if you remove that when under limit selection or add a note to say only 2 allowed.

@Doydoy Exchanges don’t accept that many digits after the decimal point, it’s not up to us. Not a single trade (with that stock) goes through NYSE/NASDAQ with that precision. Nothing we can do about that.

@Bavp30 We decreased the precision, 2 is default now, sorry about that.

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Hi I am getting same problem. I am using iPhone app.

I am trying to set only two digit 0.68 but at the end it takes automatic one more zero…

And getting order rejected …

Please help me…