Limit orders issue

Anyone else is struggling with limit orders today? Mine has been cancelled by system although I’ve placed new one how can I be sure it won’t be cancelled again?

Yeah i have had this a few times not just today seems to depend on the volatility i think before they accept it.

I had a SELL LIMIT this morning take about 30 minutes to change from processing at which point it was way too late and below my avg so cancelled it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Should have probably moved the STOP LIMIT higher in hindsight.

Now it’s a case of sit tight and top up at cheap prices, until it :rocket:

Can you check how many decimals does your failing stock have?

Are you setting limit order ie. p10.155?

I had issues sometimes when stocks had 3 or more decimals…

I’m a little bit sorry about that situation wouldn’t be that bad if I get any kind of info that my order been cancelled especially that stock price get to my limit price and I was expecting my order to get executed and when I get to app to check it you can imagine my disappointment that instead of my order to be executed I found it been cancelled at some point in the morning

Price i set was 0.760 I’m trying not to set such little difference to use 0.00x. Order went through but it was somehow automatically cancelled at some point in the morning

No it’s only two one place. Its AIM stock though.

Hmm strange, I usually had cancelled right after I place it. Never faced issue where I placed then later during day it was cancelled… can you try place order using just 1 decimal ie x.700? I also never used 3rd decimal, but stocks that had 3 decimals and I used 2nd failed so I used only 1st decimal.

Maybe this is something else then, @David are you familiar with any system issue?

Well I put new order for 0.77 and it is still in app. Experienced same issues few times but every single time support told me that that was me who cancelled that order even though I wasn’t in app at all doing anything…

@Ashige The order doesn’t seem to have been canceled by our system, nor have we experienced any issues that could’ve caused this.