Limit order - Decimal places for some stocks

Hello, While placing a limit order for Metro bank I noticed that there is no option for decimal. i.e I can not place the limit order for value of 75.48 pence , I can only place the order for whole number i.e 75 pence or 76 pence.

However for some other shares , I can place the limit orders with decimal . e.g AA PLC I can place the limit order for 30.24 pence.

Can you explain the reason ?

I’ve got problems with limit orders as well and I get answer which at least in my case helped

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@Gari We’ve increased it to 1 number after the decimal point - 75.4. Unfortunately, that’s as far as we can go, the limit’s placed by our execution intermediary.


@David, You probably want to check the metro bank again.

It now gives 2 numbers after decimal but if I try to place the order, it gets rejected.

so limit order of 75 , 76 , 75.90 is going through but limit order of 75.95 is getting rejected.

It was already mentioned somewhere in this forum but I couldn’t find it. T212 provider allows only one decimal place difference when you are setting limit orders

Found it xD

@Ashige , I know that. However T212 gui now displays 2 decimal places for metro bank and this causes confusion when trying to setup limit order.

There are stocks which display 3 and even 4 places of which I know (don’t know if any security display even more), I have some AIM stocks which price starts from second decimal place so there is even no point to set limit for those xD of course would be better to be able to set limits on those as well but what we can do, if t212 intermediary doesn’t allow for that we just have to move on, maybe some day it’s going to change.

@Ashige, If stocks display more decimal places then they support them as well.

Metro Bank used to not display any decimal places. Which was working. Then @David added one decimal place on my request and it was working. However someone in the t212 technical team has added another decimal place later and its not working. May be two decimal places are now allowed ( or not ) they just need to fix it.

@Gari Quotes come in at up to two decimal places, order execution happens only at one decimal place.