Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL)

Can you please add Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL) soon - before the ship has sailed :slight_smile:

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This is the only stock I don’t have, that I need to have.

Please don’t be waiting on lots of people to acknowledge it before you add it.
That’s when it’s too late and I no longer want it.

I requested this one a while back too. Real potential winner.

If the team could also add these it would be great too -

Paladin Energy ASX: PDN
Fission Uranium Corp OTC: FCUUF
and Nova Royalty OTC: NVARF

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work adding stocks :grinning: @David

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Worth noting that it also trades as OTC: DYLLF. Might be worth adding that to the thread title.

Strong performance of the stock in the last 6 months but still cheap enough.