Request for Salt Lake Potash [LSE:SO4] and Gfinity [LSE:GFIN]

Could the above please be added ASAP?


@David @PeterA @Martin Could you advise if this can be addresses?


@David @PeterA @Martin Can someone advise on this please?


GFIN would be great. Huge potential expansion.


Yep - I requested it a few weeks ago before the price doubled as well! I’ve managed to get onto Degiro and it’s on there

Looking on the forum it looks like it was originally requested back in May.
I’m not sure what the mechanisms are for T212 but it does seem to have either been missed or some restrictions to it being added.

It’s simply that there are other priorities. I have requested stocks since earlier than that and they have not been added either, it seems like they will continue adding stocks in Q4.