Hello. Just wondering if I keep my shares if a company delists/decouples from a stock exchange? Thank you

It depends on the stock you have invested in and the reason for the delisting. If it is due to bankruptcy, the position gets liquidated in most cases. The circumstances surrounding the liquidation may vary slightly, but the outcome is the same.

In some cases, if an instrument is traded on several trading venues, and one of them decides to delist the stock, if our intermediary could provide access to a venue still offering it, you might be able to keep your shares.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a universal answer that applies to all situations. Our approach corresponds to the nature of the case.

Hello, I currently own shares in LKCO; Luokung Technologies, I am both happy and confident in my investment. However I would like to seek clarification on 212’s delisting policy - should delisting occur from the Nasdaq, will 212 respect my share ownership in a transition another market, or forcibly sell my shares? Thank you in advance,

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If held in Invest then theres no issues holding. You *should be able to sell at your discretion looking externally at what the price is before you hit sell.

If held in ISA and it becomes ISA ineligible you have 30 days to sell or it will then be sold on your behalf.

In that case will 212 facilitate a transfer from my ISA to invest?

stocks don’t transfer in either direction. you will need to sell and repurchase outside of the ISA if you wish to hold it past delisting.

Other brokers are able to transfer holdings between accounts, are you saying 212 don’t provide this feature? it’s logical that invest → ISA shouldn’t be possible but the other way should be with client permission?

T212 does not currently have In-specie transfer which would be required to move your shares without selling them

Hi @David or any other Trading212 staff only. Luokung Technology (LKCO) is facing possible delisting from Nasdaq. What would happen to my shares if this was to happen?

We would only be able to come out with an official statement, once we have sufficient information on the matter.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through this article in our Help Centre, where you will find all the necessary information you need to know, in the event of a stock delisting.

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As it says in the title, what is the actual process and timeframe like?

Stock: “Vanguard Global Value factor”
Note: they have shut down this fund in late Feb 2021

  • Will my money appear in the account automatically or do I have to sell?
  • Is it stock growing/declining since they stopped?

I have a few shares of Blue Prism and Reading comments from their CEO about the possibility of “ditching” their listing in London and relisting in New York, I’m a bit confused as to what that means for existing shares?

I’ve only been putting a small amount into my pies every week and as my shares in codemasters have now sold, due to the ea takeover, I’m considering just putting that cash into blue prism as a long term investment.

Apologies that all my threads are newbie questions but I’m dabbling and feeling out how everything works.

The quoted screen shot is from the Motley Fool website