Removing a dead stock

So, i have 40 shares in a company thats gone bankrupt and the shares obviously have a zero value, its a small negligible loss and id like to simply remove them from the list of stocks i have on the app, but i cannot find anything to help me remove it. Ive checked forums and the help centre and they all talk about removing the stock from a pie, so to be clear thats not what i want to do, i just want the stock removed from the app so i cant see it.

Welcome to the Community, @Bainesarcher :wave:

I understand how this may be frustrating, but there’s no way to remove a specific position from your portfolio. Should the company be delisted from the exchange it is traded on, we’ll reflect the event accordingly.

In most cases, delisted stocks undergo a liquidation process at a specific price, or they may be deemed worthless. In both scenarios, once the event is finalised, the position will no longer be part of your portfolio.

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On a related note, is it possible to transfer delisted stocks to T212 from another broker?

I have a position on of a stock that was delisted a few years ago. I no longer use, so my account with them exists solely to hold these delisted shares (that have yet to be liquidated). As I have been consolidating my portfolios from other brokers, it would be nice to also move my delisted shares to T212.

Hey, @maxkshaw :person_raising_hand:

Delisted stocks are generally not meant to be transferred between providers. For the time being, we don’t facilitate transfers with such stocks, but we’ll let you know if something changes in the future :pray:

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Fair enough. It’s not urgent at all - just an idea. Thanks!