Delisted stock showing on Trading212?

I was just looking at some penney stocks, and saw a company called LB-Shell.
I googled them and found this article which says they are delisting and winding down in January 2020…

Lb-Shell PLC said on Monday it will delist shares from the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange on January 15, 2019, following which the firm will go through a voluntary wind up. LB-Shell does not expect that there will be any funds available to distribute to shareholders, following the wind-up.

So my question is, how do I know which stock is actually “live” and which is delisted? Or did they not wind down in the end? I can’t find anything else about this company on google.

@pipo We’ve removed the stock from the platform. Even if you happen to stumble upon such a security, you won’t be able to trade it as there wouldn’t be any quotes.