NAPS Napster Delisted

Hi all, I’ve been dabbling in some penny shares of which NAPS/Napster was one. It’s just been delisted and no longer appears on my Trading212 dashboard. I have had no communication from either Napster of Trading212 to say what happens next. The dashboard message just says ‘the company has been delisted. further informationis to be disclosed’. I believe they are going to relist as part of their parent company in the US. What would happen to the shares I bought in Trading212? Do I lose them or will the auto transfer to the new company/exchange?

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Check the investor relations section of the company website. That should tell you what is happening by default in the market with the delisted shares (cash / new shares on X exchange / combination of both / unlisted).

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Hey, @OneSimon. :wave:

Napster Group PLC (NAPS) was delisted from the LSE on 28.01.2022. We are currently waiting for more details from our intermediary and will update you as soon as there is any news.

Any news? I can’t find anything in investor relations about what’s happening with NAPS shares. Did I just lose my investment?

We’re still waiting for updates, @OneSimon.

Still waiting or do we know that we can keep them until they re-list?

There aren’t any updates regarding the situation, @Gibas. Once there is any news, I’ll let you know.

Still waiting for any update on this and also on EVE Sleep that has now delisted. I’m a little disappointed that Trading 121 isn’t more proactive on their communications when these things happen. I understand the risk of these type of investments but hearing status updates from you directly would be good.

A quick update - positions with Napster Group PLC (NAPS) were closed yesterday (29.11.2022) at 6.06431132 USD (504.902832 GBX) per share.