Demerger and SPAC questions - help please :)

Hi there,

I’m currently a holder of the following SPACS: SHLL, SPAQ and DPHC.

I’m also a holder of TILS (Tiziana Life Sciences) - it’s an AIM stock.

The former are all special acquisition companies, once they become the underlying companies for example SPAQ will become Fisker - I want assurance that the new shares will appear in my account. Please confirm.

The latter TILS, is subject to demerger in due course, when this happens can you provide confirmation that I will received the shares of the new company STEM?

If you could let me know as soon as possible it would be appreciated, because if not I will need to move to another broker swiftly to ensure I’m in a strong position once these changes occur.

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Ye they will change over automatic once merge has taken place so you can relax :slight_smile: hope this helps bro

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Thanks Matt, I read on another forum and on twitter that this wouldn’t be the case with TILS!? Great to know that the SPACS will change over though, thanks for your reply!

I believe for TILS T212 have stated that cash will be provided instead of shares for some reason? There are lots of questions outstanding about this that haven’t been answered, I could really do with some clarity too! See below thread:


I have not got 100% facts on it but I’m say 95 % sure they would but please double check don’t just rely on me incase try asking David on here I think his name is from trading 212 he should have a more certain answer for you bro

For the SPACs, the old tickers (above) will be replaced by the new company tickers, Hyliion, Fisker and Lordstown (not sure what the new tickers are) and the rest is business as usual.

Same process as with NKLA months ago.