SHLL shares to HYLN

In September the SHLL stock shares will be switched to HYLN. Is the setup in trade212 done accordingly?

@Team212 @David Hey guys, this was over a month ago, today on the chat the agent said you will look into it.
Time is running out and we need to know, please answer in a clear definitive way.

It’s seamless. The ticker, name and icon change. Your holdings and price remain the same.


I’m guessing IB handle it all and it’s linked to T212 via the ISIN so it should be seamless like you say.

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This is a semi-regular occurrence and isn’t the first SPAC acquisition.
VTIQ to NKLA and DEAC to DKNG etc… SPAC’s have been around for decades it’s just now they are ‘trendy’.
All happens seamlessly

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I am not entirely sure it is a done deal, although I hope it is.
Proposal #3 did not go through, so if I understood it right, the merger is postponed til Wednesday.

Apologies if I dont have clearer info, still trying to get an overview.

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