Demo account - add past trades

I love the platform and am suggesting a feature for the demo platform.
I would really love being able to simulate past trades, that is set the date at which the trade was executed, set the price it went for, and see what it would have made !!!

I use this for two things :
1 - see on trading212 portfolios I have on other platforms, so I can make buy (sell) decisions on trading121 with all the info in one place
2 - simulate how some trades in the past would have performed until today !

Webull, which started as a simulated platform and is now getting into us brokerage, allows this and it is really useful to see everything in one place ! As I use trading212 more and more, I’d like to see everything directly on trading212 and not have to switch to the likes of Webull !

not sure how big a demand this feature would see. Just because a feature exists elsewhere, doesn’t necessarily make it a good or useful one. case in point being stop losses, as a feature it is pretty terrible and the only reason everyone has it, is because at this point it has become an industry standard tool that people are accustomed to.

The demo account isn’t about seeing the what if’s, but rather giving you the chance to learn how to navigate the platform and practice investing/trading based on real decisions in real(or near real) time so you can tell if you are ready or not to move onto real money. for every feature that is present in the demo that isn’t in the live account, there is an additional confusion factor for new users.

This is just my opinion of course, but there are very popular features in the process of being added and the team seems rather swamped by the growth of the platform to date that additional features should show a universal appeal


Yes of course, it’s just an idea :wink: To see what others think about it !
So for now it’s 1-1 on person thinks it would be useful, one not :grin:

Also in any case, it might require way too much work for what it’s worth :sweat_smile:

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rather than a 1 vs 1 scenario, we are both unsure as to whether it’ll be popular or not, because we simply have no-one else to compare with :thinking: you could try to poll all platform users with each recommendation to find where everyone stands… but lets try not to annoy everyone LOL :rofl:

The feature definitely sounds like it would have to be built from scratch to piece in, but as I never finished my formal programming education, I can’t say how difficult it really would be to implement. :thinking:


🤷 Me not know either ! If it’s simple, then it’s simple, if not, then not :smile::smile::smile: