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I would love to see an portafolio graph as feature in the Trading212 like FT or many other US brokers like RH or M1

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  1. It would be useful to have an option to see your portfolio gains/losses during specific timepoints e.g. 1 week, 1 month, 1 year
  2. Also it would be nice if we could add owned stocks to our own created folders/sectors to see what sector is performing well or bad. This feature would be most useful with the first one.
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I’ve recently signed up to Invest platform, and I’m missing two major features:

  1. Account transaction level view
  2. Stock/ETF position transfer to other brokers (inbound/outbound)

Also, it took me a while to figure out how to purchase a fractional amount of a share - UI seemed to allow me to do integer increments of share amount only. Maybe this can be improved?

I’ve signed up today and I found it quite annoying that for every share or commodity I have to change manually graphs for candles. It will be really useful if you could make an option to change your main chart once and make it works for all instruments.

Hi, I would like to see OCF (annual running costs) for ETFs next to their name for easy comparison. Thank you

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Dividend management/callendar


The History part does not have enought filters.
For example, i need to show just the Sold and Bought shares (I am not interested in Replaced, Cancelled or Rejected orders), but this option is not available.
It is taking ages sometimes to find an a share i sold in the past and want to double check it.
Sorting the section is another suggestion (being able to sort according to date, Instrument name, sold/bought etc).
The history as it is right now is far from prefect.
Can we download an Excel/CVS file of the transcations?

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Be able to create sub portfolios, for example a pie focused on growth stocks and another one focused on dividends.

Ability to run your portfolio against the indexes of your choice for comparison.


Dear Tony,

I believe you will be the dominating broker with the Trading212 “cash” that’s coming soon… But I believe in order to be #1 in the World for everyday smartphone users, the addition of “Trading 212 Options” (American) and “Trading212 Futures” would be the perfect addition that other broker do not dispose. I know some of these instruments are not in your plans, but I believe they are the ones that will let you dominate the Mobile Brokerage war!

Best Wishes!

Touch ID login - your competitors FreeTrade and Hargreaves already have this feature and would make the app more secure.

T212 has FaceID, the main protection we lack of second authentication while logging in…

I have an iPhone 7, so I only have touch ID so I do require thus secure login method

oh well, I thought Touch ID would work the same way… you cat a password in settings as a protection from getting into your account and you ca set a repeat every time you log in… chose a password no-one will ever think about…

pre and after market hours. miss out on alot of volatility during these hours… please consider

Can we please get the ability to be able to view a chart and price preview when using the search function. For example you can preview these when looking at them on the Home tab, e.g. My watch list, popular, us stocks, uk stocks, etc. Currently you cannot see the chart or price unless you open the particular one you want to look at. Would be very helpful if this was implemented.


I would like to see in the app in dividend notification info, also the witholding tax % for dividends. And most important into the tax documents