Trading212 Journal Chrome Extension


I’m a software developer and a user of the platform.
I was struggling keep track of my daily trades so I’ve create some local software to help me out.
Some technical details for those who are interested, the solution was composed of a UI, a nodeJS backend with a postgresql and a chrome extension.

With the new version out I’ve updated my chrome extension and wanted to share it here.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Hi, like the idea, but where is the trading journal? (e.g list of trades, how you felt, screenshots of the trade for later review etc…

Well I only showed you the new browser extension in the video.

For the legacy app I had a lot more.
“Grading” part was done in different part app because I had some difficulties integrating it in the trading view itself.
Here are some screen shots.

I would first need to close the trade.

After that you would be able to see everything the in a chart.

Because of the new beta version (the technologies used), I would be able to integrate everything in the trading212 view itself as a browser extension.


It does look good… something trading view should implement

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