Deposit bank transfer (currency)

Regards, maybe someone can help me.

My account on 212 is opened in RON (Romanian currency) as well as the personal account from which I have so far deposited by internet pay.

Now I would like to deposit by bank transfer but I wonder if I send RON on the account of platform 212 will the transfer be accepted or do I have to send in another currency?

If the transfer is made, will the exchange rate be kept as before?

I would appreciate if anyone can help me better understand how things work!

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Romanian investor here also.
Unfortunately i didn’t found a romanian bank that will accept the transfer of RON to a uk bank. I called 3 of them and they said that’s impossible.


Banca Transilvania accepts RON transfers to the T212 RON account. Their transfer fee is 10 lei.
Others have tested Unicredit and said that their RON transfers to the T212 RON account are completely free (haven’t been able to test this myself).

Plus, you can transfer via Revolut, but with a 25 lei fee.


Hi there, can you mention the 3 banks which did not work to transfer RON to Uk bank, maybe will help others too.

Thanks for the information!
I will try to transfer a small amount to check and I will come back with feedback.

ING and BRD I have the cards and accounts, I tested personally and called them also.
BCR I only called them.

Please let us know the outcome.
Thank you.

I used my personal card from Transylvania Bank (Banca Transilvania) and the transfer worked just fine.
It took me about two days to receive the money in my account (faster than I expected) and I was notified by email when they entered. You can also check the history when the money reaches the account.

The transfer commission was 10 lei equivalent to approximately 2.05 euros.

Do not forget to use the provided code as a play mention to be sure the money riches de right account!

LE: I draw attention again that my account on 212 is opened in lei.

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