Question about depositing money (Romania)

So I am looking for a way to fun my trading 212 account. And I have this situation.
Personally i am from Romania and we use RON as curency.
But I trade in USD.
So in my bank i have a Ron account naturally, and at the same bank I have a Usd account. Now the problem appears because the Usd account is not linked to a card ( with a number and everything on it, I just have an IBAN). So naturally I can only do bank transfers from that USD account.
The problem is that I can only do bank transfers in Romania from that USD account. So Trading 212 being from UK I cannot do it. And alos i dont wana transfer them dollars to my romanian account and get a terrible exchange rate only to have to exchange them back into dollars.
Any ideas? platforms? Revolut does bank transfers only for international accounts soo that goes out the window…

First of all, why are you sending money from T212 to your bank account only to move it back to T212? Just leave it as cash in T212 or invest it. Don’t keep withdrawing and depositing

Otherwise get Revolut. You top up from RON to RON in Revolut then convert to USD and top up T212 from there

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Hi there!
Why don’t you ask your bank to issue you a debit card linked to your USD bank account and then use that card to deposit USD on your T212 account? It’s is much easier and faster (actually it’s instantly, and most importantly it’s free, no fees or commissions). And when you want to withdraw funds from your T212 account you can use the card account again, with no fees or commissions (also there is an option to save the card info so you don’t have to enter it again each time you want to withdraw funds). The withdrawals might take couple of business days.
It’s very simple and easy, card account in USD for T212 account in USD, no forex rates, no fees, no commissions.
Hope it will help you.
Successful trading!


Dude u didnt understood any point of my situation

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After posting several times on the same subject (here, here, and “finally” here) the problem might be at you to make yourself clear. All the answers in these threads were trying to help and offered a lot of information.

I’m also from Romania. My Trading 212 account is in EUR and I fund it from Revolut, via bank transfer. I top-up my Revolut account with RON/USD/whatever and I exchange to EUR. Then, I use bank transfer to send EUR to my Trading212 account. Works fine for me.


Its fine man…the problems are different, taking in consideration that I discover different things

Dude, non can understand your points it seems. :slight_smile:

@Vedran Even I can’t. And I am also from Romania. If we can’t understand him then who can do it? :grin:

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I would advise you to research via web which bank in Romania has USD account with card/bank transfer option. Open bank account there , transfer from.your current bank to new bank, transfer to t212.

Problem solved. Kkthxbai.

Ps I never heard of bank that doesn’t allow transaction to foreign country. We are not in China/SSSR. Maybe you have some kind of saving account then?

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This is almost certainly not true. What bank are you using?
You can make an USD bank transfer to any iban outside of the country. (just in RON you can’t make bank transfers outside the country)

nope. I cannot send money via transfer outside Romania. From my App. I have to go to a bank for that. And that is hard. Alos if I go to a bank I would just atach a credit card to that accoutn and solve it

nope. I cannot do it. Only in Romania

Just use Revolut man… you can even set a preferred exchange rate and wait for it to fulfil…

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Salut! A depus cineva direct de pe cardul de RON în cont creat cu EUR/USD? Ați avut vreun comision? Cursul cum a fost? Am făcut transfer din revolut marți dimineață, dar încă nu sunt banii în cont…nu mi se pare ok… 10x

@tiberiu89 how did you set up the recipient for the bank transfer in Revolut?
I tried to make it to a business and fill in the info given by Trading212, but it also asks for the recipient’s address and postcode. How did you fill it?

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@Vedran Thanks a lot!