Account currency other than USD, EUR, GBP

Hi everyone,
I’m just starting my investing journey ( :grin:) and I have a newbie dillema:
What currency should I create my account in ?

My credit card (which I intend to use to fund my account with) is in RON (Romanian Leu), but obviousely trades are in USD, EUR, GBP and such. I just cannot find that piece of information regarding commisions for deposits in other currrency that the default one, I read something on this forum but it’s not clear enough.

I can open an EUR account with an attached credit card, but I’m not sure why should I do this, as any withdrawal will have be converted to RON because that’s the local currency :slightly_smiling_face:.

So, how do you think I should do this ?

Thank you so much :smiley:

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The cost of doing currency exchange on the T212 platform is likely to be less than your credit card will provide. Currently I see


This means that 4.4535 RON will buy you 1 USD.

But some credit cards are better. By comparison, and being careful to watch the two screens simultaneously, the Revolut credit card is offering 1 USD for 4.4500, which is a 0.0035 RON less.

You can hold only one currency as you base with Trading 212. So if you made your base EUR (and used Revolut to transfer that in and out of your account) you would still need to use the T212 rate when dealing in a USD or GBP denominated investment. This is one reason some people have been asking Trading 212 to provide multi-currency accounts.

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Personally use Revolut for conversion, seem to have fairest rate…

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Thank you 4 your answer!

So, basically, every time I make a profit, say in EUR, the sum is automatically converted by t212 into RON, at the bank exchange rate, right ?

If RON is your base currency, yes. Any proceeds from a sale of an investment that is priced in another currency will be converted using the rate that you see on the CFD platform. Here is a current screenshot of rates. So if you sold something for 1000 USD you would see 4832 RON appear in your account. This is assuming you are talking about the Invest platform. On the CFD platform there is an additional 0.5% fee charged on the result.


I’m also from Romania and I opened my T212 account in Ron and I top-up instant from ING, just as revolut top-up works. I bought US stock and everything works great.
All my money(salary & savings) are in Ron, if you have your money in Usd or Eur you can open the account in that currency.
Just be aware you cannot change your account currency after you create it. You need to close it and open a new one.
Good luck.

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Multumesc pt raspuns !
Ai creat contul recent ? Eu astept de o saptamana sa primesc confirmarea de la ei, dar deocamndata nimic. Nu ai cum sa-i contactezi telefonic, nici pe chat, doar mail si formular de contact, care au ramas pana acum fara raspuns…

Aveti putina rabdare pentru ca in zilele urmatoare se lanseaza un update mai mare si momentan au atentia distribuita in acea parte. :innocent:

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Inteleg. Am comparat zilele astea mai multe platforme, si t212 este de departe cea mai usor de folosit si mai placuta la ochi. De-aia ma agit, pe alte platforme parca port manusi de box…