Depositing Funds at weekends

As I now use my Trading 212 card as a debit card for purchases, I frequently top up my invest account.

I added funds this morning (Saturday) by making a payment from one of my bank accounts and 12 hours later the money is not showing in my Trading 212 Invest account.

So basically I’ve now lost access to that money at the weekend.

To pre-empt any suggestions that might be made yes I used the correct account details and the correct reference. I tried contacting chat and the bot said I’d be transferred to a human but it didn’t happen.

Should I now be assuming that Trading 212 operate only on weekdays and I need to avoid doing anything with my account at weekends?


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You need to leave approx. 3 business days for money to be deposited/withdrawn into/out of your account.

Deposits made using T212’s QR code function are instant.

As of late I’ve only deposited during weekdays, so not sure if I remember correctly and weekend transfers are instant too, or whether weekend deposits are processed from Monday onwards (within 3 business days again), but the latter would not be unusual or abnormal.

As long as you entered the correct details, you’re good. I’d say Mon/Tuesday max you should see the money in your account, if not by the end of Wednesday.


Thanks for the info. Previously weekend deposits have gone through within an hour or so. Maybe I got lucky before but this delay is not good. It’s like a return to BACS payments.

I just used the instant bank transfer with a Starling account and that worked fine. So amazingly even though Trading 212 use Chase for their own bank we are not able to link our own Chase accounts for instant payments.

It also doesn’t excuse the fact that the only support available is an AI Bot.

Yeah, agreed. Deposits and withdrawals ideally should be processed immediately, or if done during weekends, first thing Monday.

I think this is the case for deposits. I only remember a single time when I deposited an amount and it took an hour or so to show up in my account, but this was 2-3 years ago. Since then I’ve never experienced any delays. But like I said I use their instant, QR code deposit option. Other deposit avenues may have delays.

This is the norm.

Some companies do offer support during weekends, but it’s either

  1. incredibly costly to them and us — which means fewer, less frequent fixes/improvements to the services we use,

  2. it’s incredibly terrible — third-party support as opposed to in-house experts, or

  3. it’s almost always money wasted as most support tickets come in during weekdays not weekends.

I actually appreciate the way T212 do it. Every time you talk to them through the live chat, you talk to them directly. There’s no third party, no remote worker that is more frustrating than helpful, no copied-pasted responses like you see everywhere else, etc.

No. Instead you get a rapid, human, accurate answer.

Sure, they might need to implement some sort of a deposit/withdrawal tracker, precisely for instances like yours. But I’ll take waiting until Monday to get a response over terrible support service or slower maintenance/development times every time.

The deposit showed on my account this morning.

One thing to add in response to your comments on the CS chat…I was given the option to speak to a human by the AI Bot. If there are no humans working weekends this shouldn’t happen as it’s misleading.

At least now I know to either avoid weekend deposits or use the instant transfer option (if only it worked with Chase UK). Thanks again for your replies.

The customer support team is working on the weekends, providing 24/7 coverage.

Simply type ‘live chat’ to be connected to one of our agents.

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I typed Live Chat twice. On Saturday and Sunday (at 07:09).

I received a response on Sunday at 23:33.

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I’m sorry to hear about that. This is not the norm - I’ll check what caused the delay.

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