Deposits and Withdrawals Delay

Has anyone else experienced a delay in both money appearing in 212 account after deposit and then also a longer delay in money being received after a withdrawal?

I believe that you’re referring to bank wires (since the rest of the deposit methods are instantaneous) - if so, then here you can find the answer.

As for the withdrawals - once executed on our side, there is standard bank processing time to allocate the sum in your bank account. If the funds are not received in 3 days (once executed on our side), then here you have the next steps, which you can follow.

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Always been fine for me, deposits appear almost instantly in Investment or CFD (or even transferring between them), withdrawals next day or +2, very good :+1:

Indeed, BACs transfers. I’ve used the app. For over a year and deposits have always appeared instantly. Yesterday there was a delay of over 12 hours. Similarly with withdrawals, has always been next day. But yesterday there was the same delay. It seems to be back to normal today so I doubt we’ll ever get an answer as to what happened yesterday