Desktop Website Update?

Is there plans to update the Desktop website anytime soon? the advanced view and the simple view themes and options are a little old and lacking respctively. Would be nice to get a front end refresh and better graph’s, filter and sort options and account summary page where you can easily export current holdings and other info. Pointless me listing all my points of view and opinions but would be really good to know if an update is upcoming? :pray:



An update is coming, and a big one, but it won’t be soon, unfortunately. Once it comes though there will always be feature parity between mobile/web as they’ll use the same technologies and codebase (currently we have separate teams/technologies for each app).


Big news this is! :technologist:


I appreciate you cannot provide an accurate ETA, but if you had to guess, would you say there’s a good chance it’s going to be released within the first half of 2023? Or in 2024?
Thank you!

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Thats good to hear, its a shame you cant ever comit or comment on timeframes on planned and proposed updates. I know you dont want to be tied to a date but some idea of timescale would be much appreciated. Looking forward to this update :+1:

First half of 2023 sounds about right.


Hi @Wit , sorry to pester just wondering if you guys have a more accurate time frame or any news on this update? any news welcome :slight_smile:


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Hi, sorry for the late reply. We’ve a small team that’s actively working on this. It’s a huge endeavour, so it’ll take a while. I’ll post here once we have something to share. Thank you for your patience!