Desktop App Beta is removing features?

I’ve just flicked on the beta of the new desktop webapp and it looks to be taking a huge step backwards.

I am pretty surprised to see the blown up UI and removal of features. It is pretty awkward to call this a feature, rather than a basic necessity - but how could a tabular view of your financial securities be removed?

The new app can not conveniently (or at all?) show you across your positions:

  • Your buy price
  • Quantity of shares held
  • Purchase date/time

Typically you would expect desktop apps doing the opposite - taking advantage of larger screen real estate and better I/O. But here we can see it moving in parity to the mobile app?

Making new orders is still clunky and many clicks, the charting is still the same and needs many clicks to setup to any pre-configured settings for anything meaningful.

The desktop app is essentially giving me the mobile app resized for my huge desktop monitor?


The Trading 212 team have already told us that an “advanced” version of the desktop app will be released soon.

There is always a tussle between those who want more and more information and options, and those beginners who will be confused by too much of that. The idea of having two versions of the desktop seems like a good one.

My first impression, like you, was that the new desktop app was reducing the amount of information I could see. However, I have stuck with it in order to give it a chance and see if I would get used to it. By in large I have got used to it. However, I do look forward to the “advanced mode”.

No platform is ever going to have all the bells and whistles that a user base of 100,000s clients can imagine and dream up. I do a lot of my record keeping and analysis with Google sheets. That is a necessity for anyone who has share holdings with several different brokers and wants to know the current capital gains tax that will be payable when selling some shares in a AAPL, for instance.


Hi @Richard.W

Thank you for your reply. And thanks for pointing out that there is a separated version of the new desktop web app is planned.

I will look out for details of what and when this is expected to be rolled out.

I immediately started discussing with fellow investors of alternatives - since losing the base functionality of the current app is a huge deal breaker for me, and I know for many others.

Hi Richard,

I’m I right that the advanced interface is not available in beta yet, I assume the beta interface we can use is planned to be the standard simple one?

It would be great for a proper advanced interface that would give alot more information and control like IG for example.

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I am not Trading 212 staff so don’t have any special insight. We have been told in this forum that a more advanced interface is in the works. I had thought the release date was to be soon.

(“Leader” under some of names means that we are people on this forum who have posted a lot and whose posts have been liked, but we are not staff.)

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fair enough, thanks for reply :+1: