Desktop Version

Can we get a dedicated Portfolio Page with a more detailed look at our account overall on the web browser version of the site?

Even the iOS App seems to be more detailed and more accessible and informative than the desktop site?


When I click on a Pie in the desktop version I get this message to “switch to the new app”

Yet honestly the new app just seems like a mobile version or iPad version with everything enlarged and not really designed for a Desktop experience?

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 19.48.03

Does anyone else agree with the above or am I being picky?


There’s a new advanced version being built atm. The new one under /beta atm is the basic version aimed at the general retail.

Thanks @phildawson

I’d say I am way off being an Advanced User yet the desktop version is a little limiting and switching to the New App is just an iOS style enlarged version in my opinion.

Will the advanced be free do you know?

Yeah they have said it will be free :+1:

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@Scott found the link I was looking for

Does anyone know if the new Desktop version will take advantage of the full width of users resolutions and screens?

My widescreen monitor means 212’s website only use’s about a third of the real estate and width available.

I agree. I´d like to see an enhanced real Destop-Version. Not this new semi-styled beta.