Detail view of my stocks purchased at different price in portfolio

How to get the detail view of my stocks purchased at different price - In portfolio it shows only the average price of the stocks purchased. Thanks

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Go to history then find each order. It should be there.

They also send you email “Contract Note Statement from Trading 212” with such details.

Many thanks @victor. Much appreciated. I was thinking that I could see all purchases of a stock grouped together, or is not possible.

@victor - As a newbie to the platform (when I posted this message), I thought i will be able to drill down to see at what price I bought the shares over a period of time instead of looking at the contract statement. is it possible to add in future in the app/web. Say for example - I bought Ocado shares @1300, @1400, @1600, @1800, It should show me the price I bought at various stages.


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There is “position history” in the web. You can see it by right clicking on a stock from your portfolio

Unfortunately I cannot say as I’m not from the team. But that would be great, indeed.

Excellent. That is what I was looking for.Many thanks @eu42. Much appreciated for your time.