Stock history overview

Hi there

We really should get more detailed overviews about our portofolio history.

To see only the return isn’t really helpful, cause it changes with every sell/buy order and is confusing.

We should see an overview like how much we total warned/lost including sold stocks, current portofolio etc.

Also it would be really welcome to see within a positio. how much I earned/lost with one stock. Currently I can only see my history but no further details about my finances with this specific position.

Thank you.

You could build your own offline tracker to monitor buys/sells, average cost and so on. I have the same issue with Fidelity/Hargreaves, I don’t like that it only shows my current unrealised gain/loss but that might just be preference.

Now that we are able to download our transaction history i’m guessing a few people are able to create a overview/summary/charts/stats.

I was hoping we will have a thread where people are willing to share a template so some of us not so good at data extraction can put useful information to help understand our history.