Diamond Offshore Drilling no data for 2 weeks

I understand that they filled Chapter 11 but apparently the stock plunged at 0.21 and still working but not on the app… What is happening?

@FabienW The stock is no longer trading on exchanges like NYSE/NASDAQ - it’s been delisted & is now on OTC markets (over-the-counter).

When a stock is delisted, the usual thing to do would be to liquidate all positions with it. However, we understand that people might want to hold on to their stock, so we’re doing our best to gain access to US OTC markets in order to provide market data & regular trading.

Thank you David for your prompt answer.

However, I can’t even sell my position. I keep having the same message saying that I need to try in few minutes…

@FabienW That’s the expected behaviour, you can’t sell/trade a delisted stock - it’s not on the exchanges anymore.
This is exactly why we’re trying to gain access to OTC markets.

How do I get rid of the instruments showing on my Invest feed?

My bad, misunderstanding. How long can it take to access to OTC markets and what will happen if you can’t?

@FabienW It’ll probably take at least a month or two. If that can’t happen, all positions will be liquidated at the price we get, when we request the shares to be sold on OTC.

Hi. Has there been any update on this?
Regards Martin

It’s been nearly two months now since diamond offshore market suspended there’s any update or not yet please Tell us
Thank you