About Chinese stocks delisting

Hi, I would like to know what would happen to Chinese stocks shareholders if they happen to be delisted from the NYSE. Would trading 212 just sell our positions or are there any plans to allow a transfer of those positions to the Hong Kong stock exchange?

Thank you, and I’m sorry if this has been answered already, but I didn’t find it.

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It could be hard to happen.
Because different stock exchanges, different securities, in US you have ADR/ADS, that are securities, in China there are other securities. Also on US, that securities are denominated on USD, in China it’s CNY/CNH and in Hong-Kong is HKD.

It’s like some European companies that were listed on their national exchanges, and also listed on US exchanges, some of them, give up being listed on US, but they stay listed on their national exchanges.

Well I’m talking about the cases of BABA and JD, and wanted to know if the trading 212 team is working on something related to granting that, in the case a delisting happens, these securities can be “transfered” to the Hong Kong stock exchange. But I realize that what’s more likely to happen, in case the delisting happens, is being forced to leave the position at a loss.

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