Difference between tick volume on T212 and other platforms

I always thought the tick volume was in the thousands. So for example, Fastly’s first 5 minutes of trading today, volume was 2,384 = about 2,384,000 shares.


The opening 5 minutes on Webull, volume was 1,722,836


It’s close - ish… But a big enough difference to make me think I’m reading these indicators incorrectly.

So who’s right?

I thought it is the number of transactions.

Hey @pipo @Alien,

Tick Volume is an indicator showing the number of price changes/ quotes received in the specified time-frame, without a multiplier.


Is there any way to display the volume of shares like my Webull screenshot? And if not, is it in the works?

It’s completely bugged anyway. It changes when you refresh.

Here’s before refresh. Check the time: 18:50


2 seconds later after I refresh: