Volume indicator

Hi to the community

Question: why does the volume on the 1 min chart is so significantly lower than the day chart? I mean I cross checked it with Tradingview and on the same timings it’s totally different. The black is 212 and white is trading view. Close on Friday for Nvidia

Welcome to the Community, @DeeM :tada:

Unlike traditional volume, which counts the total number of shares or contracts traded, we display ‘tick volume’. This is why the numbers differ when you compare them with Trading View’s app.

In short, tick volume refers to the number of ticks (price changes) that occur during each candle. The idea behind tick volume is that it similarly represents the market conditions of an instrument because more quotes are being made when more trades occur — hence, larger volume. Still, our charts and the data we display serve only an indicative purpose.


It would be nice to have share volume, I dont use the T212 charts that much because of little issues like this and keep a TradingView window open instead.